Dry Artemia Cysts | 20 kg bag

High in protein. Scientifically proven essential feed for your fish.


Professional natural nutrition for fish and shrimp larvae of all kinds. No artificial colorants or preservatives added. Feeding in sufficient quantities increases the active growth and maximizes the survival rate of the fish.

Brine shrimp eggs are the most valuable nutrition product in global aquaculture. To ensure the best possible start in life for fish or shrimp fry, freshly hatched brine shrimp nauplii (Artemia nauplii) are used by millions of professionals in fish breeding and in industrial fish farming all over the world. Because of their resistance to water salinity you can use them in both marine and freshwater tanks.

Additional information


100% decapsulated dry artemia cysts

Composition analysis

Protein 36 – 51,2 Fat 19,5 – 23,1 Carbohydrate 9,1 – 14,9 Ash 4,8 – 6,6


Made from highly nutritious artemia cysts of the USA and Russia

Necessary conditions for incubation

1. Incubator
2. Continuous air delivery
3. Water temperature 26 – 32 °С
4. Salt water (30 g salt per 1 L water)
5. Illumination level – 2000 lx
6. Incubation period – 24 hours
7. To obtain a bigger biomass the incubation period can be increased up to 36 hours (the size of some nauplii can be enlarged)

Use by

Not limited

Manufacturer's address

Molodezhnaja street 14, s. Ketovo, Ketovsky rajon, Kurganskaja obl., 641310, Russia


Manufactured in accordance with the license of the Swiss company "GREEN KING SWISS AG"


Not suitable for human consumption





Storage conditions

– 20 °C to + 20 °C. Use within 10 days of opening.

Hatching rate

60%-70%, 60%-80%, 70%-80%, more than 80%