Nutricia – Brine Shrimp Eggs HR 60% – 425 g


Professional natural feeding material for the development of your own Artemia cysts activation method. Control the type and amount of activator you are most comfortable with – experiment with pure Artemia cysts and increase the hatching rate by up to 90%!



– AN INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED PRODUCT: brine shrimp eggs are a recognized professional natural food without artificial colorings or preservatives added. Our Artemia cysts originate from Russia’s famous salt lakes and have been the subject of numerous scientific studies by leading biologists around the world.

– WHY USING ARTEMIA CYSTS WITH 60% HATCHING RATE? Many fish farmers and ornamental fish breeders prefer to use their own methods for activating Artemia cysts from a dormant state. We provide an opportunity to develop the most suitable method for you, fully controlling the type and amount of the activator preferred – experiment with pure Artemia cysts and increase hatching up to 90%!

– HIGH-GRADE FEED FOR YOUR PET’S HEALTH: Artemia nauplii hatched from these brine shrimp eggs are an excellent source of energy, protein, and unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to increased active growth and ensuring maximum fish survival.

Possible methods for activating Artemia cysts before incubation:

1) Dry Artemia cysts are placed for 30 minutes in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide (50 g of eggs per 200 ml of solution), then collected with a sieve and placed in an incubator.

2) Dry cysts are placed for 30 minutes in a solution of hydroperite (90 g of hydroperite per 1 liter of water).

3) Add 1 – 2 ml of hydrogen peroxide in 1 liter of water solution used for incubation, afterwards add Artemia cysts.

4) Decapsulation. The advantages of decapsulation include the simultaneous disinfection of the eggs, an increase of the hatching percentage, and the elimination of indigestion risks. All of these features are presented in our new product Embryo – decapsulated hatchable Artemia cysts with an 80-90% hatching rate.


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Additional information

Weight0.425 kg

brine shrimp eggs (artemia cysts)

Composition analysis

Protein: 49.5 – 65
Fat: 19,5 – 23,1
Carbohydrate: 9,1 – 15
Ash: 0.6 – 3

Hatching rate


Incubation conditions

For the incubation of Nutricia Artemia cysts, cone-shaped vessels are used. Provide a high oxygen content through constant aeration, and an intense 2000 lux artificial light. Place brine shrimp eggs in a NaCl solution – salt water (25-30 g / liter). Use 2-3 g of cysts per 1 liter of water. In the incubator, the water temperature must be maintained at 28–30 ° C, pH 7.5–8.5. Under these conditions, nauplii will hatch after 24 – 36 h.

Use by

Not limited

Storage conditions

for maximum preservation of product quality, store at temperatures from – 20 ° C to + 20 ° C. Use within 30 days after opening. Freshly hatched nauplii should be kept in the refrigerator and fed within 24 hours.


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